Michael English has had an extraordinary career to-date and is a firm favourite with audiences everywhere.

At the tender age of 11 years, Michael English sat at his piano in his home in Castledermot, County Kildare. He composed a piece of music which he called Perestroika, a term that translates as ‘peace’ and one which dominated global political news at the time. Soon after, Michael would make his first appearance on national TV, performing on Ireland’s most popular and highly-rated talk show. For him, The Late Late Show was a small-town boy’s dream come true. For those who watched and listened, it was the public birth of an extraordinary talent.
By the time he had reached his late teens, Michael English was a seasoned professional in the music business. His father and mother would accompany him to dance-hall and ballroom venues throughout Ireland, watching and encouraging as their son followed a family tradition. For the English family, music and showbusiness was a way of life. Michael was merely doing what appeared completely natural. After all, his father was a gifted accordion player and Michael’s childhood remains, to this day, stained with happy memories of Irish traditional music filling the kitchen air at home.
In 1997, Michael’s first album was released. But what started out as a low-budget experiment to gauge what audiences really thought soon delivered a resounding verdict. The album began to snowball and people wanted more. And lucky for them, so did the young, dashing and rising Irish star. Long before he had reached the age of thirty years, Michael English was quickly becoming a household name.
He had completed his classical training in music and went on to record an astonishing five albums, each one leaving a more memorable impression than the next. Touring extensively all over Ireland, the UK and the USA, the boy-wonder from Castledermot was living his dream. Recording and performing music was always what it was; always what it had to be
Today, the Michael English story has almost come full circle. During his prolific career to date, Michael has been the recipient of numerous music and entertainment awards, including recognition at the Irish Entertainment Awards for Best Album of The Year (2010), Number One Selling Album (2008 and 2009) as well as a Golden Roll of Honours Award in 2008 from the Performing Artists Trust Society. And for good measure, it so happens that he also holds five All-Ireland ballroom dancing titles!
Underneath, Michael English still remains the unassuming and witty Kildare man who lives to sit at his piano and compose music and songs, just as he did as an 11-year-old boy. Now, the experience and passion brought about by a fascinating music career and life itself have been woven into his unique style and the stories his music tells. Michael currently divides his time between Ireland, the UK and the USA, writing more new material now more than ever before and performing sell-out concerts to audiences who want to be part of this extraordinary personal and musical journey.